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May 13 12 5:35 AM

I am a newbie too Shana. Welcome and good luck. Can't wait to hear how happy you are with the results, I know you will be.
I have been somersizing for approx. 10 years.  Orig. lost 30 lbs in 3 mons., then did twenty in about 2. Then stopped on and off for years..... now back on track and down 5 lbs in two weeks and going strong.
I use 35% or 18% cream.  Cream is an animal fat, so definitely not vegan.  It has to be sugar free, which is probably going to be hard to find. I would just do it yourself. You can add Somersweet, or Stevia or Splenda and some nice Vanilla bean or extract. And enjoy, and to sort of quote Suzanne, you won't need much, just a small bowl, because it is so rich.  Hard to think you can lose weight and eat this way, but you can.  I made cheesecake in cupcake pans the other day and laughed as I ate them!

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May 14 12 5:56 AM

Hi Ladyhaeke,

Thanks for your reply and wishing you lots of luck  this time around.  I lost 4lbs. on my first week and can't wait to go on the scale this coming Thursday to see the results.
Thanks for your help with the ice cream.
Have a lovely day,

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Jun 28 13 7:56 AM

Made this yesterday but i was counting calories / seving is really high do to the heavy cream i was thinking to reduce the fat and calories can i dilute the heavy cream with water and add sour cream??

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