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Jul 20 10 10:40 AM

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Italian Pork Chops
By: twiggy88 @SS stie
Yield: 6 servings
Level 1

3 lb. thinly sliced pork chops          
2 tbsp. oil                               
1 lb. can tomatoes                      
1 green pepper, diced               
2 cloves garlic, mashed                    
1 onion, diced                      
1 tsp. salt                              
1/4 tsp. oregano                           
1 bay leaf                          
1/8  tsp. hot red pepper flakes   

In large skillet, brown pork chops on both sides in oil. Remove pork to slow cooker.
Combine all remaining ingredients and pour over pork in cooker.
Cover pot and turn on low for 4 to 6 hours or until chops are tender.       

Mamalaurie's Note:   You could use a can of Ro Tel Tomatoes if you prefer.

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3 little words

Seniority Member

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Jul 20 10 12:18 PM

Looks Lip-smacking GOOD!heart

Do I have pork chops?     I DO!         I DO have pork chops!   One of these recipes will be a GO today!. Along with scalloped potatoes w/ mustard and salad!    ~~ that settles the "what's for dinner ?"     wink

HOOT! Trying to catch up in reading here... feeling like a fish out of SSizing water for now.

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Feb 16 13 12:03 PM

" Along with scalloped potatoes w/ mustard"  ????????????? 

Potatoes ???  If so .... absolutely Level 2
Has something changed that I'm not aware of ???

BTW Yessa its me mamalaurie ... couldn't get in under that name

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Feb 16 13 5:22 PM

I'm sure that must be what she meant ... unless she's got a secret she hasn't told us yet lol

As for the chops.......... You can add Italian seasoning if you prefer.... or increase the seasonings listed. I think these go well with cauliflower mashed potatoes & a nice side salad

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3 little words

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#5 [url]

Mar 22 13 11:14 AM

Hey there mamalaurie!! missed you on here for a very long time,.....  ( send me a pm and catch me up!)
and hi Kruz!  You are correct in my meaning " turnip scalloped potatoes", but I think  the recipe was posted by saraoconnor ( see Scalloped Turnips " under vegies and see my comment after hers)..... and explained there and then just mentioned the  seudo name " scalloped potatoes" here  with the pork chops. It really is a delish combination of flavors! ( Miss my Mom! It was Mom whio got me hooked on the scalloped potatoes gropwing up).** NOTE:  I had made cauli mashed taters when I added that mustard, but I suggested trying the trick with the turnips too.

I have drifted away... this site is still feeling like HOME to me, but I am currently working on a new plan bc I wasn't making progress doing what I had done for 9 yrs...bouncing up and down..and i attribute that to my age changing my needs. I still LOVE seeing you here and many of the recipes can work for me now so I am still coming for reference and to see you guys when possible. Also...the spammers continue to try and get their foot hold here and I clean up their messes when I see them posting. You can still let me know if they get bad... send a pm and I'll jump on their necks! LOL and nicely explain this is a SUPPORT FORUM and not a sales market!

I hope you are both faring well...... and how COOL is it that the numbers here are growing STILL? Where ARE these othber 695 other ppl who signed up but do not post? Very curious, indeed.  It has been hard from the get go for me, in trying to get members to rally and post so we didn't lose this site..but Kruz..hats off to you for keeping things rolling along lately! 

I received an e-mail from foxieterrior? about zucchini making the BEST applesauce , and I haven't tied ot yet, but I know it will be GREAT! I trust her recipes from waaaay back. She is on another SSizing site and I think you may be a member there too, Kruz?? I sure need to get all my files and info in order so I can better utilize them.  I'll stop here and look for more spam ....Take care, Sandi 

HOOT! Trying to catch up in reading here... feeling like a fish out of SSizing water for now.

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#6 [url]

Mar 24 13 4:35 AM

I miss you here, Sandi! 
It's been easier for me to contribute when I am being lega!  This is the perfect WOE for me!  I find it easy, tasteful and very satisfying!! My main curse was  having alcohol, which in turn always led to sweets, bread, etc.  I could maintain doing Somersizing half-*ssed, but could not lose!!  Of course not!
Finally, after the holidays, I decided to Somersize legally, and lose the weight and bloatiness that was making me miserable.  I am feeling great these days-this is day 80, and it is more fun (not depressing!) to get dressed in the mornings! I am also trying to work out a little more often to tone.
The only other low carb site I check into is George Stella's--great recipes and thoughts--but for those just starting Somersizing-they may get confused, because there are foods allowed on Stella's site that SSing does not.  Also, I follow Suzanne's original Somersizing plan, not her SexyForever, as that is what I know best!  

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3 little words

Seniority Member

Posts: 3,225

#7 [url]

Mar 25 13 9:00 AM

Hi Kruz! I could tell you had finally settled into SSizing. You used to try and find every possibe way to stay with old favorites while SSizing, and that never seemed to work for you, so I am really glad you are feeling better! You are probably THE longest here now regularly, so you will be invaluable to all here. You weren't alone with the wine struggles bc there is always someone new who asks about it and you will be able to help them with how it worked out for you in giving it up these past 80 days! Congrats on that straight haul!
I'll still come on when I can, but you know how it takes time getting settled into something new. I agree on George Stella site being helpful. I had gone from SSizing to Stella's and bought 3 books so I could utilize the recipes with SSizing and it actually helped !  I think there are parts one can glean from all the programs to make the ONE you finally settle on even better, due to recipe use. Make it fun! Keep it going!   : )   sandi  

HOOT! Trying to catch up in reading here... feeling like a fish out of SSizing water for now.

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#8 [url]

Sep 12 14 11:59 PM

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