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Jul 1 10 2:27 PM

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Can anyone answer my question about mcok french toast.  Do you put butter in the pan and do you heat the pan up and pour your eggs in and tuen it off?

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Jul 1 10 2:59 PM

Hi Nancy
I'm guessing that Sassy who posted the recipe is quite busy this week with her MIL 's visit with her and family.

I'll try my best here, cause I've not had a chance to make these yet.
For me.... I would either put the butter in the pan or spray with Pam or Butter type Pam.

I don't think you'd turn off the pan though...... Sassy said to cook it until its your preferred  way.  i.e She doesn't like her's to brown....but me well I'd prefer slightly light brown. 
She said or implied that the french toast would be difficult to turn over.... me I would give it a try.  If it broke up a bit, I'd just turn over the broke pieces.  Then let it cook until its the done the way I like.

Perhaps I'll give these a try in the morning....... at least then I can be sure if I've given you a decent answer.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help at the moment

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Jul 1 10 3:48 PM

I searched the Archives at the SS site and came up with this for Mock French Toast, using that for the search.  Maybe some of the tips listed here will help both of you.

I have never make it either and have often thought about trying it and just never have.   I will be anxious to see how both of you like it.


For the link:  CLICK HERE

Seize the Day... It Only Comes Once... Live It!!!

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Jul 1 10 4:12 PM

Thanks Cathy
I've never thought of putting "lemon concentrate" in it.  I would assume this means lemon extract...... sounds good to me !
And the mock danish topping REALLY sounds good

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Jul 1 10 5:36 PM

I've tried the danish and it's wondrful.  The two mock french toast recipes are a little diffrent.  Think I'll try both (at different times) and let you all know what I think. 

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Jul 1 10 6:21 PM

I'm here...I'm here!  Sorry for not responding sooner Nancy, but Melanie had it right when she said I was a bit busy with my mil.  In addition, it was my Bday yesterday, and we had about 30 people come through over the course of the day.  (12 were plannned)  So, although it made for a crazy busy day, it sure was nice to be surrounded by those who love me and showed this by their presence as well as presents!  Wow-spoiled!  Thankfully today was my mom's birthday, and I was able to re-gift the 2 huge chocolate bars within hours of getting them, cutting down on any non SS thoughts!!!  (Does that make me terribly cheap or just incredibly reduce/reuse/recycle'ish?!)
Okay, before I do anything else, the mock toast.   Melanie had it right.  I do add some butter to my pan first and then let it cook through, trying to flip it half way through.  Hope you got a chance to try it despite not getting an answer as soon as you needed.
Has the 20 minute question been solved for whoever was asking?  Thank you to whoever routed the questioned over to the actual topic...hope it worked out.  Just to re-iterate, we try to motivate each other to trying in some way to get a little more active, striving for as much as possible, but considering a mere 20 minutes an achievement worth celebrating.  Knowing that others on here are trying to fit their daily 20 minutes in as well, seems to spur many of us on to get out and just do it, despite not feeling like we have the energy or the drive.  So far, it's been amazing how determined we have been, and  speaking personally it has pushed me to get out and try just so that I can come on here and share and be encouraged by others.  Also, hearing how some are living with a lot of pain and are still managing to do whatever they can, has also 'shamed' me to get out there and do it.
Melanie...I love your beer chugging story!  Love it!  What a good idea to chug one back with your son!  It really is mind boggling that we are able to affect one another to such a degree that we lay in our beds and think about things we have discussed on here...a bit surreal really!  Way to go in getting those glasses of water down-I'm proud as punch of ya!
And then we get to me....well, I've got a confession for you all.  Yesterday, I did not make my 20 lb goal...which was expected but still a bummer.  I did not touch  the birthday cakes I had baked, (pound cake with whip cream and berries, Lemon Merangue Pie, and Cherry Cheese cake) and at night, I did have a slight cheat with the hot artichoke dip which had a package of leek soup through it, but I ate it with cucumber slices instead of bread/tortilla chips, and all in all, I was pretty impressed with my self.
This morning...down 19 lbs, so got another pound down, and was pretty pumped about that.  Today, different story.   I won't list all the things I cheated on, because I am so embarrassed and do not want someone to read this and be led astray by my poor choice.  Suffice it to say that being up two nights in a row with a sick (40 degree Celsius) baby, and trying to cure the consequent migraine with a Tim Horton's French Vanilla Cappuccino was a very poor poor decision.  Typing this, I am trying to recall if I even once closed my eyes and savoured the enjoyment of this cheat that I had been thinking of here and there, and seriously, I don't even think I noticed the taste, I was so busy enjoying my kids playing in the park.  And then, well, I had messed up today already, and well, we all know that if we mess up our day, we really should just sabotage ourselves all the way and really go hog wild and let loose with things that we don't even really want but are going to do anyway, because hey, this WOE is out the window for today anyway!!!  How do you spell dumb??  S-A-S-S-Y!  Yup, and not proud of my slip up.  I am trying to redeem myself just the slightest bit, working on my 3rd beer glass of water since I stgrted typing this confession-type post here!
So, am I going to pack it in for the week?  Not on your life!  Am I going to keep beating myself up over it?  Well, n-o-o-o, not exactly, but seeing the scale tomorrow up by a few pounds will be extremely disheartening and I'll probably give myself one more little sermonette in the morning about foolish choices, but that's probably how far I will go.  Not happy, but not going to let it ruin my week either.  Perhaps by next monday's weigh-in I will have re-lost my 19 lbs, and if not, well then hopefully in the days after that.  I am also due to PMS any minute :) so that probably factored a bit in the decision making as well.  Not an excuse, but probably a factor.  So, now that I've got this off of my chest, I'm gonna try to get myself off to bed, and cross my fingers for a better night than the last few have been.  My foster daughter has some virus that will peak in the next day or so...hope she feels better soon as this is taxing on hubby and me, and so hard on her-not much sadder than seeing a 3 month old crying inconsolably because she is hurting somewhere in her tiny body.  She's on meds...maybe that will kick in soon too.  Wish me luck tonight!
Well, I'll try to get on here again before the weekend...but no promises!
Hang in everyone!  You guys are my heroes!!!!
P.S.  Happy Canada Day to all the Canucks out there!  

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Jul 1 10 7:28 PM

Sassy - you are great!  All that is going on in your world and you still have time to write such a long message.  I think you were smart re-gifting your chocolate bars so they wouldn't be a temptation.  I'm going to try the mock french toaat tomorrow.  Can hardly wait til breakfast! Have a great weekend.

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Jul 2 10 6:04 AM

Sassy, I am happy that you had such a wonderful birthday.  I am sure that your mom was happy to get the chocolate...  good going girl!

I hope that the baby is soon feeling better.  It is always so sad to see babies and animals when they are sick and unable to express where it hurts.

You will soon hit your 20 pound loss, you are so very close.

I assume that things are going well in the MIL department?!?

Have a great weekend and as an added thought, what a wonderful birthday gift your birth was for your mother!!!


Seize the Day... It Only Comes Once... Live It!!!

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Jun 3 13 12:39 PM

2-3 eggs
1/4 cup whip cream
salt and pepper
dash of cinnamon
butter for frying
Whip up above ingredients with a hand mixer, for about 2 minutes.  This will make the mixture almost double in volume. 
Pour immediately into a hot frying pan-and let sit until the bottom begins to be done, but is just not yet browning.  (unless you like that...I can't stand the browned pieces!!!)  You can try to flip it, but unless you're really really good, it will break up in to chunks.  Let them cook until done to your preference. 
Place on a plate, then drizzle with SF Maple syrup.

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#12 [url]

Jun 7 13 11:27 AM

There is a different recipe using "cindi's vanilla cake", but I have never made it. Search for Cindi's vanilla cake in the search box. I think you just slice the cake and make it like regular french toast, but I'm not sure. Has anyone tried it?

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