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Sep 1 09 8:33 AM

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I've attached 2 files that contain tons of Somersizing recipes that I refer to.  I hope these are helpful to lots of ideas!

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Started March 2009 at 192 lbs...current weight 155 lbs.

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Sep 3 09 6:21 PM

another great recipe website!
This is a great recipe site, if you don't already know about her.. Linda's low carb recipes. She is  an awesome cook. She had great success on Atkins, which I failed miserable at, cuase i actually lose better when i eat some carbs! yay   Her recipes are tried and true and perfect pro/fat meals for SSing. Check her out!

217/201.4/160 5'3" 57yrs. 41.4 lbs to goal!! started SS 7/10/09 UPDATE 162/155goal 58yrs. 7/1/11

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Mar 21 12 5:57 AM

I am seeking a copy of Paul Neuman's SS cookbook.  The link listed here is no longer active.  Does anyone have a copy they could post here or email me?  Thanks!!!

Start Jan 22

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Mar 21 12 5:19 PM

Hi basket....I believe you meant  Peter Neuman's SSed cookbook? If that is the guy I can direct you to that one and several more.  Paul is the actor and Peter is a creative chef in Canada who was young when he began in SSIng and lost over 100 lbs. He's still in Canada and  had not yet  comoleted his official cookbook , the last time I checked, but his collection is a fun one! He's a whiz with desserts too.  I'll get that info and be right back here to post it for you.  I downloaded all of them because I wasn't sure I could access what I had saved yrs before after changing computers.    ENJOY!     heart          sandi 

This was posted on the STella Style Low Carb forum in '08 by Foxye:

Hey guys! I have a low carb cookbook collection I'd like to share with you. Simply go to download any or all of them for yourselves. 

If any of you have any low carb cookbooks or recipe compilations saved in word or pdf format, would you like to share? Email them to me and I will include them in the Low Carb Cookbook collection so everybody can access them.
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HOOT! Trying to catch up in reading here... feeling like a fish out of SSizing water for now.

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