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Jun 17 13 5:39 AM

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Ok, this is kinda one of those subjects you really don't want to bring up, but I need For some unknown crazy reason, I'm not using the bathroom as often as I would of, pre-SSing. No, I'm not eating as much food, but I am eating, and I would think with the fruit and salads I eat that, that would initiate the slow moving process. My question is, What would be considered "legal" if I were to help things along with a laxative or some thing????? 

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Jun 17 13 12:10 PM

Yikes! I wouldn't take anything. I would up the fiber. I had this happen a little when I first started out. It's a combination of things: when are you not combining foods badly you will have less gas, bloating and need to go less; you aren't eating any junk, so your body can use more of your food for energy. If you are uncomfortable, I would try eating more fiber. Many carb meals have fiber. Ezekiel bread, brown rice, brown rice pasta, lots of veggies....some people find that cheese will clog them up. Hope you feel better soon!

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Jun 19 13 8:03 PM

Thanks Sunny1,

                      I'd say you are right, I haven't even thought of the fact that my body is using more of my food for nutrients and energy. I'll do just that, up my fiber....thanks again!

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