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Feb 4 13 10:51 AM

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Hello!  My name on the old boards was ginger so I am sticking to it.  My real name is Lori.  I lost all my pregnancy weight to get me to 160 lbs.  by somersizing.  As soon as I started eating sandwiches- it was over.  I am up to 200lbs. ( that is my guess because I am afraid to weigh myself).  I miss the old boards - I used to check in on people every day- multiple times a day.  I felt like we were in it together...skylite, DebB, Still many names.

So here I am 50 years old, in menopause, hypothyroidism...and not losing.

What do all the chocolate lovers do for their chocolate cravings?  How are people doing with stevia as a sweetener of choice? 

I am so happy to have found you all- by chance....I off to start reading posts!

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Feb 8 13 8:26 AM

Hi ginger/Lori!
I miss the old boards too. I'm glad we can still access the archived recipes's something. I think of dottiea alot when I "reminisce", lol. She had the simplest, straightforward menus, imo. Whereas I always funked mine up with sf candies & whatnot because of my sweet tooth. I guess you could say I aspired to eat like her. I know DebB moved on to another woe but as far as I know she still has her favorite recipes here: . Everyone else, who knows? It is a shame we had no warning so that we could ppossibly all plan to "meet up" somewhere else online.
This board isn't as active as we all come & go for whatever reason. I, personally have had a stressfull past year that has taken precedence over SSing and put me into a whirlwind of comfort food eating. But here I am again, with my hubby's health problems stabilized and mine begging for attention. High blood pressure, discovered this past summer when I was feeling tired, sick (queasy/nauseous, from the heat I "thought"). High cholesterol. And now my doc has just put me through testing to be sure I wasn't pre-diabetic (turns out I'm not-"yet"). Anywayyyyy, It's gotten my attention, again, that I need to take care of myself, be good to myself. I had gone off on a vegetarian tangent that seemed to pack on the pounds too. hmmm.

I am also nearing 50, the doctor has mentioned my thyroid having issues as well although he didn't put a name to it. I like him, he does conventional medicine but also does bio hormone replacement and suggests alot of supplements as a way to help my health issues. nemesis...I may be flogged for saying this but, I eat it. Sugar free but I eat it. Yes, it probably slows me down on weight loss but I know myself and I would rather "Eat, Cheat & Melt the Fat Away" than deny myself my "loves" (sweets) and fall away completely. I DO find keeping a sf cheesecake made & handy one way to satisfy my sweet cravings & steer me away from chocolate.

Stevia...I use Truvia sparingly but still cook with Splenda. Only because I haven't attempted to figure out how to cook with stevia products.

"Talk" to ya soon!~TJ

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Apr 25 13 6:27 AM


I had JUST found the old boards about two weeks before they shut down!!  I'm glad she kept them up, though - I've gotten all the recipes/posts off, just in case she decides to take them down without warning!

Regarding supplements, I simply do a lot of research and find out what my body needs, and then try to eat foods that have a lot of that in it naturally. For example, I know I need iron, having been deficient most of my life for some reason, and so I try to eat a good amount of spinach each week!

Chocolate - what I've found helps is there is a Stevia chocolate flavoring I got at the health food store. I put a few drops in my morning Whey-protein "smoothie" when I'm craving something. I try to stay away from it completely, since I know it's a slippery slope and keeps me craving sweets. I suppose you could also have this 'smoothie' as a snack. 

Another thing is I make whipped cream for a snack - I crave smooth textures for desserts, and so whipping up some heavy cream and flavoring it works great for me! I can also freeze "dollops" of it, and pop them in my mouth like ice cream. That little bit of Stevia and a 'dessert' flavoring like chocolate, or mint, or caramel <all sugar free, of course!> makes it seem like a treat!

can you use sugar free chocolate as a 'reward' and something to look forward to for a small milestone/goal, instead of something you have to indulge in every day? I find that motivates me, as well. 


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Apr 25 13 7:08 AM

I love the idea of freezing whipping cream.  I will do that soon ;0)

So glad to hear that you are a profats eater.  I eat mostly profats as well.  Rarely do I have a carbo meal.  Carbo meals for me trigger the cravings and the #1 thing I love about this way of eating is that I don't have to battle the cravings. 

The old Somersize boards ~ I've been copying the recipes into my online recipe saver.  I love the old boards and I too want the recipes just in case the old boards get shut down for good.

Glad to have you back on this board Cary ;0)  Love it when we are all sharing!


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Apr 25 13 7:39 AM

I use stevia all the time. I don't think I've ever cooked with it though (I use it to sweeten decaf coffee, or add it at the end of cooking something like spaghetti sauce). I cook with her somersweet, but I have to use it sparingly because of the price. To give you an idea of how much I use it: I purchased 2 cans off the SS website last May. I still have about half a can left. That being said, if I cook something sweet, I use somersweet. I made tiramisu recently with my version of creamcheese pancakes, which are cooked, so I used the somersweet for that part of the desert, but I did not cook the filling, so I sweetened it with stevia. I'm trying to make it go as far as possible. I will probably have to buy some more soon, though. I think you could easily use stevia for whipped cream or other non cooked items. On the bag it says you can cook with it. I have just not tried it.

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Jun 7 16 9:09 AM

Return to Somerizing

Hi - dug out my old books from 10 years ago of more but this time 6 weeks on only lost a couple of pounds.  Any ideas?  Also is this forum still current?  Am a eating too much cheese or cream.....

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